Garage Organization

Garage Cabinets

Want an amazing look, with practical storage?  Park Place Garage offers custom steel cabinets by Baldhead and  by Hayley.  Need any wooden garage cabinet?  We build to your specifications. 

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Overhead Racks

Want a heavy duty but practical storage rack from your garage ceiling?  Park Place Garage has the solution for you.  From Christmas decorations to camping gear to home overflow, our overhead storage racks allows you to get your car back in the garage, without sacrificing wall space.

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Aluminum Trackwall

The ultimate in wall organizers, an aluminum track wall allows you to store everything from tennis rackets, garden tools, sports equipment, toys, and even bicycles on 8' lengths of our aluminum slat-wall. Smart, stylish, strong and versatile.

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PVC Slatwall

Don't need the strength of our aluminum slatwall, but want something more than a cheap peg board to hand tools and sports equipment.  Our PVC Slatwall is durable, simple to use and a great asset to any garage.

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Bike Storage

Looking to store 1 bike or 100, Park Place Garage supplies Steadyrack Bike racks.

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