Showroom Garage


Building a luxury showroom garage can help you create an eye-catching space. Working with Park Place Garage can help make the process much more manageable. Our team helps homeowners in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley regions through our in-depth process.

During Our Design Process, We Will Cover Topics Such As:

  1. Tell us about you. What's important to you? How will you use your cabinets? What kinds of features have you been dreaming about?  
  2. In-home measurements and design process.
  3. We develop a detailed 3D layout. Then we can make modifications to the cabinet layout or specific cabinet modules until we arrive at the perfect design. 
  4. We provide a detailed estimate for the cabinet layout you select. 
  5. We start the custom manufacturing process. 
  6. Our expert team will install the flooring and cabinets for you. 

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