The Slatwall Solution: A Path to Efficient Organization in Your Garage

Tackling garage storage can be a headache, but not anymore! Introducing our PVC Slatwall system, your solution to freeing up floor space and having effortless access to your most used items. Made in the USA from tough PVC material, our Slatwall serves as the sturdy base, and you get to choose the accessories that work best for you. These accessories simply snap into place, and if your storage needs change, they can be easily rearranged with ease. 

PVC Slatwall Configurations

Tired of tripping over sports equipment and lawn tools in your garage? Upgrade to wall-mounted storage solutions that keep your frequently used items off the floor and within easy reach. With sturdy hooks, shelves, bins, and racks that attach to a cellular PVC Slatwall base, you can securely store bikes, skateboards, lawn equipment, and more. The base panels come in multiple colors to match your garage design, and they won't warp or split. For a sleek look, line your entire garage with these panels and add custom trim around windows and doors. The accessories snap into place, but they're also easy to reconfigure as your needs change. With Inner Space garage storage solutions, you can transform your garage into a space that provides extra room for your family. No more dirty, cluttered garages! Get organized and turn your garage into a safe and clean storage option with proper storage solutions and cabinets.

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